Mr. Robot Uses ProtonMail, But It Still Isn't Fully Secure

While Hushmail has a good reputation for providing secure email functionality, being based in Canada is far from ideal. This is because the nation is a part of the FIVE EYES and has numerous laws that infringe on people’s privacy - including Bill C-11 which forces ISPs to perform mandatory data retention. Hushmail Review: What Is Hushmail & Is It Secure Jun 07, 2020 Hushmail Review - Not as Private or Secure as You Think

3) Hushmail allows you to receive confidential messages through a secure contact form on your website One of the big reasons I use Hushmail in my own counseling practice is the Hush Secure Forms. This feature lets me place a page on my website where clients and colleagues can securely send me messages and attachments right through my website.

Going further back, we learned that encrypted email provider Hushmail was totally cool with spilling secrets to the government, which it did by grabbing user passwords to decrypt email and turning Keep your emails private and secure by encrypting them Aug 28, 2016 Hushmail Blog

Nov 05, 2019

Hushmail is a pioneer among encrypted email services, unfortunately services based in Canada (like Hushmail cannot be considered secure). Use providers that are located in jursidictions with more robust privacy laws than Canada and stick with providers that are transparent with allowed/denied wiretapping request statistics. Hushmail is NOT a secure E-mail provider. : privacy Mar 21, 2008 Hushmail Stay signed in for one week Hushmail Review 2020: Is the Price Right?