VMware Horizon ports and network connectivity requirements

[SOLVED] Ports for Horizon View - VMware Forum - Spiceworks Jun 08, 2020 Port channel configuration with VMware - Cisco Community Hi everyone, I have dual 6120 interconnects, each of which have two uplink ports. I also have two Catalyst 4900M switches to uplink to. So I plan to configure both 802.1q and 802.3ad on each of the 6120 uplink pairs. My question relates to the physical cabling, bearing in mind ESX will be running on

Horizon 7 uses TCP and UDP ports for network access between its components. During installation, Horizon 7 can optionally configure Windows firewall rules to open the ports that are used by default. If you change the default ports after installation, you must manually reconfigure Windows firewall rules to allow access on the updated ports.

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Jul 14, 2015

Network Ports Required for VMware Horizon View to VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) You’ll notice the ports that are required for Blast Extreme and PCoIP. If these are not open you can experience a blank screen when connecting to the VMware Horizon VDI Guest VM. VMware Horizon 7.4 Network Ports for Cloud Pod Architecture Jan 16, 2018 VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (External Design Apr 16, 2013