can i create my own stun server only for my website? Yes, take a look at coturn. A nice tutorial is given here to set coturn up for nextcloud: Nextcloud Docs. ATTENTION: The tutorial set it up as TURN server too. You might disable the TURN component by using stun-only.

Can someone explain me what "STUN May 16, 2012 Configuring Your Network Traversal – VidyoCloud Support To override the default and specify a specific STUN server, deselect the Use default STUN server checkbox and enter the URI of your preferred server. Select Custom port (requires dedicated IP) from the Client Media Relay Port (TURN server listening port) drop-down if you do not want to use the default TURN port (3478), or to turn off the TURN What is sipgate's STUN Server? – sipgate basic Help The standard UDP port 3478 or the port 10000 may be used. Most recent VoIP phones and devices will support STUN. Using our STUN Server in your phone settings is a quick troubleshooting step that may solve problems with registering phones online and with VoIP calls. nat - STUN server for windows - Server Fault

A STUN message that does not receive a response. STUN Server. An entity that receives STUN requests and sends STUN responses. A STUN server can also send indications. In this specification, the terms STUN server and server are synonymous. Transport Address. The combination of an IP address and port number (such as a UDP or TCP port number).

We enable the standard unencrypted port 3478 for STUN, # as well as port 443 for TURN over TLS, which can bypass firewalls. listening-port = 3478 tls-listening-port = 443 # If the server has multiple IP addresses, you may wish to limit which # addresses coturn is using. Do that by setting this option (it can be # specified multiple times).

How to create and configure your own STUN/TURN server with

Troubleshoot STUN with TURN in Office Communications No other attribute information is passed to the STUN server during the initial Allocation request. The information in Figure 2 was gathered as a network capture taken from the A/V Edge Server by using Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4. Figure 2 is an in-depth look into the IP header information of the UDP port 3478 STUN packet and locates the STUN What is STUN Server? | ESX Virtualization Mar 21, 2017 Firewall settings for the STUN/TURN server - Google Groups Firewall settings for the STUN/TURN server Showing 1-7 of 7 messages. Firewall settings for the STUN/TURN server: Art Matsak: We are looking to use the server in our WebRTC project and are planning to make it listen to port 443 to increase our chances with stricter NATs (so -p 443). Settingup a Turn Server for Jitsi Meet - Meetrix.IO