What is a Subnet Mask Address and How to Find Yours

ip - Setting subnet mask to - Network Yes, there's a problem. Your default gateway needs to be in the same subnet as your device. By setting the subnet mask to, you've told the computer that nothing else is in its subnet. A more appropriate way to do things would be to set your device IP to, your gateway to, and your subnet mask to what would the subnet mask for I.P. | Yahoo Answers May 09, 2008 Solved: route add with netmask, dest dont r Solved: hello current config : ( HPUX 11.23 local ip mask default route is ) I need to add a new gateway : dest =

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Netmask Conversions If you have ever needed to know what a netmask looks like expressed in some other format this table of equivalents should help.

IPv4 subnet mask is 32 bits large. In a valid subnet mask network part is represented with "1" from left side followed and ended by host part "0" - 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 (binary form), (dotted-decimal form) or simply "/24" (where 24 represents that subnet network part is … What is a subnet mask, and the difference between a subnet A subnet is how IP networks are broken up. Machines can only talk directly to other machines that exist in their SAME EXACT SUBNET. To get outside your local subnet (to the internet for example) a router must be involved. A subnet is 2 parts an IP Subnet mask - Masks Subnet mask What is the prefix length notation for the subnet mask A network with the subnet mask would have what cidr block? Using cidr notation, the subnet mask would be written as in cidr notation, the subnet mask is represented by what prefix? The ip address of with a subnet mask of