The easiest way to tell which kind of drive is in your PlayStation 3 is to take the drive out and look at it. If the drive has an exposed control board on the bottom of the Blu-ray drive, the Blu-ray drive's model number is KEM-400.

Does the PS3 have Wi-Fi? Or needs a wire? | Yahoo Answers Jun 30, 2010 My ps3 has wifi but wont pick up signel from my wireless card Apr 19, 2009

Some versions have wifi built in other need it by usb ports when the ps3 came out the 20 gb was almost bare bones compared to the 60 gb version which has more features than the current 80 and 40

The wifi adapter on the PS3 is only wireless G. It does 54 Mbps. Your internet is most likely not even near that. Most people only have a 1.5 Mbps connection. How to Connect PS3 to WiFi With Simple Steps | 100% Working

May 31, 2008

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